Dundees - Kickstart on the Waterfront

Kickstart on the Waterfront (by Dundee's) was commenced in conjunction with the refurbishment of the main Dundee's restaurant.

This was an expansion of commercail kitchen space for this successful restaurant that required a new cooking line assembled under a top of the line Eco Canopy, complete with capture Jet Technology. Additonal freezer and coldrooms were also added to complete the modern development of this iconic restaurant.

Kickstart on the Waterfront cafe fitout is an organic extension of the existing business catering to the breakfast market which the original business had not captured. Refurbishment of the Dundees dining room and extension into the Kickstart seating areas has been completed seamlessly. The developement and design of the  Kickstart breakfast servery bar, counter, coffee stations and cocktail bar clearly demarcate the ambiance and the individual functions, but still having a effortless blend of styles that resonate successfullly for both arms of this business.

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