Cyclone Shelter Upgrade, Redlynch

Field Construct were contracted to upgrade the existing Redlynch Cyclone Shelter to comply with the recently updated Public Cyclone Shelter Design Guidelines.

The work included structural upgrades to resist debris and wind loads; mechanical ventiliation upgrades to improve occupant comfort levels during a cyclone event, electrical service upgrades including a new generator , standby battery backup systems and emergency llighting, and the construction of a new kitchen, office and storage facility.

The project was delivered on time for the 2015 cyclone season and to the satisfaction of the  Department of Housing & Public Works and their design consultants.


"I wish to express my appreciation to the team at Field Construct for the successful delivery of the upgrade works at the two Cyclone Shelters during 2015. Some of the attributes displayed in successfully delivering this project include:

  • A professional approach to construction management practice
  • A collaborative approach to relationships with project consultants
  • A developed understanding of detail design decisions and outcomes

What has been achieved is a high quality of production, for which the Field Construct team are recognised, within the construction industry."

Principal Consultant


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